Emergency LED Lighting

Navigator LED Lantern, Model SL 9100WLED, 6V 4AH Battery, Spotlight Rescue, LED Spotlight, LED Head Lamp, HL-4000, X-Flare Pro Focus Control 400 and EGear Rechargeable Spotlight.

PL-9W 6400K 4 Pin Oval Base Florescent Bulb for Lanterns etc..

ü  Replacement bulb with 4-pin oval base

ü  For use in rechargeable lanterns

ü  Size - 5.90551181 " inches (end of pins to top of bulb)

ü  Item 8503

ü  9 watts of power


Solar Rechargeable Navigator Lantern Batteries

Model SL 9100WLEDModel SL 9100WLED

Model SL 9100WLED

2.3 Watt Solar Panel

12-24 LED's

10 - 20 hours run time

AM/FM Radio

NOAA Weather Channel6V 4AH

USB Port for charging portables

AC/DC Charging Adapters

6V 4AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Exterior Color: White - Material: Plastic

Emergency Function:

Automatically turn off during a poweroutage when connected to house adaptor.

Model SL 9100WLED Navigator
Discontinued see substitute
6V 4AH PS-640 Replacement Battery
6V 6AH AP-660 Replacement Battery

 Spotlight Rechargeable LED Light for your Vehicle or Wherever 

Size 2" x 0.85"
Weight: 1.2 oz 
Modes: On/Off + Red Glow Power Indicator
Battery: Rechargeable Ni-MH 
12 Volt Rechargeable LED Light
180+ Minutes Light Per Charge
High Power 0.5 Watt LED
25+ Lumens Shines 150 Feet Beam
Red Glow Charging Indicator
Water Resistant, Submersible Anodized Aluminum Body
5 Hour Trickle Charge Ensures Long Battery Life

Spotlight Red LED + Fit Clip 86-00
$19.95 now $17.95
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Spotlight Blue LED + Fit Clip 86-04
$19.95 now $17.95
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Spotlight Titanium LED + Fit Clip kit 86-08
$19.95 now $17.95
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Spotlight Titanium LED + Fit Clip kit 86-08
$19.95 now $17.95
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Spotlight Titanium LED + Fit Clip kit 86-08
$19.95 now $17.95
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Spotlight Rescue
Case Material Anodized Aluminum
Size 3.25" L x 1.1" Bezel
Weight w/batteries Diameter 1.9 oz
Bulb 1 watt LED
Brightness 96 Lumens
Modes On, Off, red glow power indicator
Run Time 60+ min. per charge
Beam Distance 330 feet
Battery Lithium Ion rechargeable
Water Resistance Water resistant IPX4
12 volt rechargeable LED light
60 minutes light per charge
High power 1 watt LED
5 hour trickle charge ensures long battery life
Red glow charging indicator
Green glow indicates 80% charged
Charges from a cigarette lighter or
Titanium Spotlight Rescue w/Lanyard
$69.00 Now $49.95
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 X-Flare™ Pro Focus Control 400


Product Features

  • Battery pack can be attached to headstrap or to any part of the body with extension cord and waterproof jack. Weight can be shifted off the head to improve user comfort and movement flexibility.
  • Spare battery packs can be used for longer extended use
  • Battery pack improves cold weather use
  • Rotary side switch
  • 4 modes: high, medium, low and flashing
  • Focus control lever adjusts spot-to-flood beam
40" Extension Cord      Carrying Pouch                   

Accessories Include

  • Carrying pouch
  • Battery case pouch
  • Helmet attachment clips
  • 40" extension cord
  • Wall charger
  • Battery






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